Clear internal communication is a decisive factor for corporate success


Freiburg, 31.01.2019 (PresseBox) - The “free flow of information” and knowledge transfer are a decisive factor for the success of a company in the age of digitalization. As one of the leading providers for intranet and extranet solutions, United Planet has already recognized this with its collaboration tool “Share”. The new product “CMS”, which was developed in collaboration with the Intrexx Partner ISIFIVE, helps companies to provide their employees with appealing company information easily and professionally. This marks the beginning of a new chapter in Intrexx-based internal communication.

Freiburg, January 31 2019. Intranets and extranets have a clear goal in sight: keep staff or customers up to date and provide information tailored to them. This is the only way for individual departments and stakeholders to reach their full potential, to accelerate business processes and reduce errors. But how does the information get to the specific audiences?

The right content with the right CI

Every idea not only has its time but also its half-life. Depending on the context and importance, some content needs to be shown on the intranet longer and updated by the editorial team. This means that information is given the corresponding emphasis and is not in danger of disappearing in the dynamic (social) intranet. The new Intrexx application “CMS” enables editors and those responsible to create content of all shapes and sizes quickly and easily – and all of this while keeping the corporate identity. This allows information to be presented and embedded in a specific context. CEOs, managing directors and staff responsible for internal communication are able to control content for each target group based on their permissions. Keeping the corporate image ensures that the readers identify with the company.

Responsive content to inform staff wherever they are

The subject of internal communication is becoming increasingly important for multiple reasons. More and more employees are working flexible hours and sometimes location-independent. There are also industries where employees work shifts, part-time or without continual access to a PC. As a result, news, processes and changes are very difficult to communicate. For this reason, content created in the CMS is fully responsive and is therefore available on all end devices (e.g. smartphones).

Reduced workload for other departments

The usability of the CMS system represents a decisive factor for success. Content can be designed and created using the included templates, but these do not restrict flexibility. Modules, which can be adjusted to the requirements of the specific portal, are helpful here. The time-consuming incorporation of other departments, which forms a bottleneck, is a thing of the past. This not only means that content is published faster, but also trims down complicated processes and saves time. As expected from a CMS system, content can be released with a fixed period (start and end date) and/or once it has been approved by editors.
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