"Airbnb for cars": Kasko2go creates own API to be used in SizeCar car sharing


Zug, 22.05.2018 (PresseBox) - Kasko2go provides opportunities of third-party collaboration. SizeCar car sharing is the first project that gives a chance to insure the vehicle programmatically via API. From now on the drivers not only are provided with the innovative auto insurance application, they are also encouraged to become car rentiers and earn money from leasing their vehicles with flexibilities and at a price much lower than traditional companies.

Kasko2go application is an innovative insurance solution on demand. The mission of the application is to create the safe drivers' community and promote the idea of safe driving culture in society. Belonging to Usage-based Insurance family, Kasko2go app provides an individual approach to every customer, better risk management, improved fraud analysis, and overall safety of the driver.

Kasko2go is a groundbreaking approach to car insurance, powered by cutting-edge technologies; incorporating open source intelligence, link analysis, visual analysis, signal and image processing, and text analytics.

Within the idea of a community of safe driving promoted by Kasko2go the collaborative and trustful relationships between all the stakeholders is vital. If the application itself provides the drivers with peer-to-peer insurance, where intermediaries are the thing of the past, the partnership with SizeCar project offers a person-to-person car-sharing business model.

Embracing technologies means the insurance industry finally casts off the shackles of the unjustified conservatism: one of the major challenges — unfair pricing — is eliminated by total decentralization of the sphere via distributed ledger tech. Now the good drivers do not have to pay for the bad ones. Collaboration with SizeCar is also about reasonable pricing, as the project makes the profit out of successful car rental operation.

A community of safe drivers is an entire philosophy, where its participants assume more responsibility, becoming the co-creators of the new conscious society and regulators of the industry. As long as rethought insurance is proactive rather than reactive, the safety must be in connection with ease and convenience. Kasko2go has created its own API and CarSize app is the first project to integrate it. As a result, the whole procedure is done in a matter of minutes.

The telematics division has the most precise and complete understanding of global driving patterns, which was derived from 3 million drivers over 5 years plus via advanced data analysis. The application has a global mission: to provide on-demand insurance at a lower price, eliminate the possibility of fraud, and motivate the enhancement of good driving habits. The auto insurance app Kasko2go accepts payments in cryptocurrency.

The future of insurance industry is in the hands of the high-class experts with vast experience. The powerful top-management team of Kasko2go is represented by Genadi Man (Co-Founder, CEO), Raj Singh (board member and shareholder), Dimitri Wulich (Senior Risk Manager), Dmitry Bakutin (CEO R-Telematica and Start Kasko2GO), and others. All team members have been involved in large-scale global projects.

The collaboration with CarSize strengthens the confidence in insurance being transformed from archaic, pressing and bureaucratic into the digitized and innovative ecosystem. The new stance of the business means cutting-edge technologies are responsible for deeply personalized attitude towards a driver. And in this ecosystem, the car owner receives the best user customer experience via credible service in one click — whether it is claiming, car maintenance or rental.
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