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Arvato Systems positioned as leader in the quadrants "Digital Business Enablement and ESG Services" and "Public Cloud - Solutions and Services”

Gütersloh, 26.01.2023 (PresseBox) - Arvato Systems occupies leading positions in the ISG rankings "Digital Business Enablement and ESG Services" and "Public Cloud - Solutions and Services" The IT......

Gütersloh, 26.01.2023 (PresseBox) -
  • Arvato Systems occupies leading positions in the ISG rankings
    "Digital Business Enablement and ESG Services" and "Public Cloud - Solutions and Services"
  • The IT service provider impresses not only with its digitization, process, and cloud expertise but also with its managed and security services
Arvato Systems once again occupies top positions in the "ISG Provider LensTM" - in two reports and various specialist areas. In the market survey "Digital Business Enablement and ESG Services", Arvato Systems leads the provider ranking in four areas: Business Consulting Services, Customer Experience Services, Supply Transformation Services, and Sustainability and ESG Services. In the research report "Public Cloud - Solutions and Services", Arvato Systems is also positioned as a leader in the quadrants "Consulting and Transformation Services for Large Accounts" and "Managed Public Cloud Services for Large Accounts".

Supporting industrial companies in the digital transformation
Digital business enablement has become the norm in almost all companies across industries. At the same time, converting established processes, supply chains, and organizations is an immense challenge for many German companies, especially in manufacturing and production areas with large infrastructures and workforces. Against this backdrop, the market analysts at ISG Research consider Arvato Systems a leader in providing companies with targeted support for digitization. The following services are considered leaders:
  • Business Consulting Services
    Arvato Systems' digital business consulting is based on three pillars: creative partner cloud and AI technologies; industry experts and innovative platforms; and reliable managed services for secure applications and multi-cloud infrastructures.
  • Customer Experience Services
    Arvato Systems offers a wide range of effective digital experience solutions. When designing, developing, and implementing individual CX solutions, the IT service provider draws on its own agency and customized cloud applications equipped with innovative AI components. In this way, Arvato Systems offers its customers advanced and powerful digital experience solutions from a single source.
  • Supply Transformation Services
    The framework developed by Arvato Systems orchestrates and aligns future business strategies and models based on end-to-end logistics processes and technology solutions. The framework combines stable back-end processes with cloud-based microservices and flexible applications for various target industries.
  • Sustainability and ESG Services
    Arvato Systems not only accompanies Bertelsmann as the parent company on its path toward climate neutrality by 2030 but also supports business customers in reducing their product-related emissions with its advanced and sustainable supply chain solutions.
The public cloud services market is on the upswing
Digital business transformation is in full swing, and more and more companies are moving to the cloud to optimize their business processes. This is driving demand for cloud services and solutions - especially services that enable faster availability. The trend towards agile software development and delivery has led to companies increasingly turning to public cloud services to achieve their business goals. In this context, professional consulting and managed services are crucial. ISG Research positions Arvato Systems as a leader supporting large enterprises on their journey to the public cloud in two areas:
  • Consulting and Transformation Services for Large Accounts
    As a leading public cloud consultant and transformation specialist, Arvato Systems maintains established partnerships with all hyperscalers and offers all services for any public cloud provider. The focus is on complex transformations. Thanks to its expertise in cloud consulting, the cloud enabler brings industry-specific process know-how to projects. It develops comprehensive end-to-end solutions for its customers - from ready-made platforms with flexible modules and applications to customized AI services. In addition, the joint offering with SAP is increasingly becoming a unique selling point for Arvato Systems.
  • Managed Public Cloud Services for Large Accounts
    Arvato Systems offers all the necessary end-to-end services for a successful cloud transformation - for both hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios. This is based on strong partnerships with established cloud providers: Arvato Systems has dedicated AWS and Microsoft Azure business units. In addition, the Gütersloh-based cloud specialist employs certified experts for the Google Cloud, who develop complex multi-cloud strategies, AI, and automation solutions - for the company itself and its customers. Arvato Systems' security services go far beyond the classic core offering of a Security Operation Center (SOC). In particular, companies from the energy and utilities, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, retail and consumer goods, and media and entertainment sectors benefit from this complete offering.
The two reports are based on a variety of qualitative and quantitative information. The market research and analysis data presented include research information from the ISG Provider Lens™ program, as well as from ongoing ISG research programs, interviews with ISG consultants, briefings with service providers, and analysis of publicly available market information from a variety of sources. The data used reflects the market situation in September and October 2022.

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