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  • GitOps beschäftigt Entwickler, Medien und IT-Manager – aber was bedeutet das überhaupt in der Kategorie der Tools und Lösungen? Ein Überblick über die wichtigsten Werkzeuge rund um den Pull-Request-Ansatz.

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  • Hello! I am writing in your forum since I wasn't successful in contacting authors of this article (tried Facebook & Linked In).

    First of all, I want to thank you for including werf tool in this article! I am from Flant, the company behind this Open Source project and we're really happy more people will know about it!

    We also want to kindly clarify a few of statements mentioned in that article:

    1. werf is not in its early stage. This tool has been used in production for years by dozens of companies (at least). Different stability levels are even provided for werf releases: from alpha to stable and rock-solid. So the users can choose if they prefer new features or widely tested versions only.

    2. Of course, some specific features in werf might be new — simply due to a natural evolution of the project. That's why, for example, our GitLab CI integration has been recently heavily updated and our relevant documentation was a bit behind this overhaul. So, following the "release often" idea, we've released it without an appropriate English-language documentation and probably it has brought some confusion for those who only examine werf for the first time. Currently, the documentation is up-to-date and we've decided to avoid such practice in future (we won't publish new releases lacking appropriate English docs). I think it was the only reference to purely Russian doc we had at the project's website (and it's not an issue anymore).

    3. Considering the support of "top-10 CI systems". Werf can be already integrated with any CI system — it's just the question of how easy it is in implementation (general instructions for that are provided here). For now, we offer ready-to-use integrations and guides for two systems: GitLab CI and GitHub Actions (it was probably not published as a stable feature when you've been exploring werf, but it's ready for now — you can check it here). We plan to make similar guides for others, but yes, it takes time (and again, it doesn't mean you can't use it with other systems today).

    I hope these details can make your overview more correct, so more people will benefit from it.

    Anyway, thank you for your time! And thanks again for this article as Internet currently lacks good content on GitOps!

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